The first free-lance council and specialized meeting

On Wednesday, October 26, 2016, the Iranian Academic Athletic and Physical Fitness Psychological Association held the first free-thinking session and specialized meeting at the Shahid Rajaei University Faculty of Sport Sciences, Tehran University (Sports and Fitness Psychology, Challenges and Solutions).
After reading the Holy Qur’an, the National Anthem broadcast, Dr. Shahbazi, the Secretary-General of the Association, Dr Bahram and then Dr. Mohammad Kazemi (a visiting student from the Faculty of Entrepreneurship) regarding the status of the field and the need for the establishment of knowledge-based companies, centers of growth and technology parks They delivered lectures to achieve the goals of decentralization. In addition, part of the meeting was dedicated to providing students’ views, suggestions and criticisms on the issues raised.
The necessity and how to create a job, the use of the courses offered to enter the job market, and the explanation of the real status of the field of motor behavior and sport psychology in the society were the most important concerns of the students, with answers from the board of directors of the meeting (Dr. Khabiri, Dr. Khalaji, Dr. Shahbazi) was accompanied.
In the end, Dr. Tahmasebi, the head of the faculty of physical education of Shahid Rajaee University in Tehran, and the chairman of the Committee on Entrepreneurship and Relationship with the Society of Physical Activity and Sport Psychology, also reported on the steps taken to identify job opportunities and to conclude a memorandum of understanding with Some government agencies and the formation of specialized training courses for the mentor to create jobs in related areas.

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