Organizing a Physical Nervous Sports Session: March 21, 2019

Motor Behavior and Sports Psychology Association of Iran The sports psychology nerve session is held on Tuesday, 21st of March, from 13th to 15th of May at the Amphitheater Library of the University of Shahid Beheshti University. At the meeting, Dr. Mohammad Khabiri will lecture on the preconditions for psycho-dynamic dermatology. Dr. Abbas Ali Guayini also discusses hormones and neurotransmitters. Dr. Mohammad Kazem Vaez Mousavi also lectures on great performances of the brain and exercise. In addition, Mr. Amir Hossein Mehsafar will also express psychological nerve interventions in sports and research trends.

Faculty of Science: Shahid Shahriari Square, Shahid Chamran Highway, Shahid Chavran Highway, School of Sport Sciences and Health

The enthusiasts will fill out and submit the registration form for free in the meeting. Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Participation in the course from the Iranian Society of Exercise and Physical Fitness Psychology.

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